sPark Translations

Esther Park - Owner/Translator

Esther was born in Worms, Germany and moved to California as a child. She was raised bilingual; educated in the US, with extended stays in Germany. Esther has been translating German to English full-time since 2008, serving clients in all industries - from aerospace to zoology, from Audi to Zeiss. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology (cum laude) from San Francisco State University, with a Minor in Cinema Studies, as well as a 2-year biotechnology certificate from City College of San Francisco. With this academic background in science and research, along with work experience in biotech, veterinary medicine, laboratory quality assurance, and theater programming/management, she specializes in the translation of scientific journals, textbooks, clinical trial documentation, SOPs and medical reports. Her expertise in translating and editing marketing materials (including copywriting and DTP), literature, and correspondence of all kinds is also highly sought after. When she is not working, Esther enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling (or simply exploring the Bay Area), web design, home improvement, cooking, and running.

Heide Pilc - Translator

Heide was born in Ludwigshafen/Rhine and received a thorough education in the arts, sciences and business. She studied languages and French literature and traveled extensively to France, England and other European countries to hone her language skills. She moved to the Saar region where she became the right-hand aide and translator for a musicologist and conductor of classical music. Later on she worked as a secretary/translator/administrative assistant for the following companies: Knoll AG Chemische Fabriken in Ludwigshafen, KSB Nuclear Power Pump Company in Frankenthal and, upon getting married and moving to the US, she was occupied as a medical secretary at Kaiser Oakland. During her nearly 10-year employment with the Clorox Company (also in Oakland) she worked for various departments as a secretary, accountant, administrative assistant and editor.

Sarah Lingbeck - Editor/Proofreader

Having a deep love of learning, Sarah finds specific delight in the English language and the power and art of skillful communication, whether in writing or public speaking. She has ten years of teaching experience in Language Arts, and, now, she brings her expertise and her endless fascination with diction, phraseology, proper grammar, and etymology to sPark Translations.  Sarah is a strong (and involuntary) proofreader, with a mastery of the fundamental writing conventions that are oftentimes lacking in the corporate sector. Her personal standard of excellence will yield exemplary documentation for her clients, being mindful of their time and budget throughout the assignment.                                         


Other passions include reading, running, photo editing, creating playlists for almost every activity of her day, vegan cooking, and, most recently, discovering how much better the day goes with a cafe latte.